Maths Magicians

Maths Magicians 17th February 2017

Maths Magician – Reception


Riley spent a long time yesterday on the interactive touch screen, creating a picture of a rainbow. He thought carefully about the colours and shapes he wanted to use and was able to change the thickness of the line his was drawing, depending on what he needed to draw. As he went along, Riley changed his picture, adding a sun then changing it to a moon because it was night-time. He put a lot of thought in to his picture and even had a really good go at writing his name at the end. Well done, Riley!

Maths Magician – Year 1


This award is given to Jazmin for Magic maths. Jazmin has been able to use her multiples of 2, 5 and 10 to work out multiplication and has begun to become more confident using her multiples of 3. Amazing!

Maths Magician - Year 4/5


Hayden is my ‘Maths Magician’ because of his determination to succeed! Haydn doesn’t always find maths easy and didn’t always use the methods and strategies provided. However, over the past 2 weeks Haydn has had a really positive attitude, has listened carefully and has used a wide range of strategies, which has enabled him to make some very good progress.

Well done Haydn, Keep up the hard work!

 Maths Magician - Year 4/5


Jess has been working really hard over the last two weeks. This is now reflected in her work where she is making rapid progress. Keep this up Jess. 

Maths Magician 3Maths Magician 4