Maths Magicians

Maths Magicians 12th January 2018

Maths Magician – Reception

Maths Magician – Year 1


This week I have chosen Lily-Belle as Maths Magician. She has investigated number bonds to 20 using an organised and reasoned approach. Where she is uncertain she always listens to input and is always able to then complete her task.

Well done Lily-Belle! We are very proud of you!

Mrs Antoniades and Mrs Kinaird 

Maths Magician - Year 2

This week I have chosen Ben as Maths Magician. He has wowed both me and Mrs Sadler with his understanding and perseverance with using column addition in maths. He can carry a ten correctly, presents his working out neatly and clearly and he is evening adding numbers together in the hundreds using this method.

Well done Ben! We are very proud of you!

Miss Pell and Mrs Sadler 

Maths Magician - Year 3/4

Maths Magician - Year 4/5


 This week I have chosen Keane as Maths Magician. Keane always carefully thinks out his methods and uses his logic to solve them. Not only does Keane support others in class, he also scored one of the highest results in our recent maths tests. Well done Keane, keep it up!

 Mrs Cowan

 Maths Magician - Year 6


 This week I have chosen Lacie Mai as Maths Magician because she has been trying really hard in tutoring with Mrs Rouse and Mrs Taylor. They have both said that they are very impressed with the way in which Lacie Mai is using the strategies she has been taught and how focused she is in every session!

 Well done Lacie Mai, keep it up! 

Miss Green

Maths Magician 3Maths Magician 4