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KS2 RAF Coningsby Trip

6th November 2017

All of KS2 went on a fascinating visit to Coningsby RAF Base to learn all about the variety of aircraft used in World War 2 and compare it to modern day aircraft. In the hanger, we were amazed at all of the planes including: Spitfire, Lancaster Bomber, Hurricane and Dakota. We learnt so many interesting facts and stories about real life experiences in WW2. We also participated in a structured workshop where we had a chance to put our teamwork and craft skills to the test! Based on all the knowledge we had gained, we had to design and make a plane using a range of materials to see which could fly the furthest! At the end of the day, we were privileged to have a tour of a Typhoon plane where we learnt they are worth an estimated £110 million! What a fantastic visit.