Star of the Week

Star of the Week 17th February 2017

Star of the Week – Reception


We have chosen Archie this week for the fantastic learning that he has been doing at both home and school. Archie has been learning both his numbers and letters at home and can recognise many of the phonic sounds that we have been learning, as well as his numbers to 12. Well done, Archie!

Star of the Week - Year 1


This week I have chosen Lucy as our star of the week. She has excellent behaviour whatever she is doing in school. Her attitude to her work is really positive and she can be relied on to persevere when things become harder for her. She is an excellent role model for others. Well done Lucy. We are proud to have you in our class.

Star of the Week – Year 4/5


Mark is my ‘Star of the Week’ because he has had his first, fully green, half term and I am extremely proud of him and his achievement! Mark has worked hard to change his attitude and behaviour and this has been reflected in the way the class has responded to him. Mark is a valued and respected member of our class because they have seen how hard he has worked, and how much he has wanted to be a part of the Willows community!

Well done Mark! Everyone in Year 4/5 is very proud of you!

Star of the Week – Year 6


We have chosen Jamie for Star of the Week as he has really impressed us with his attitude to writing his Star Wars story. He has worked really hard to develop his characters and the plot. He has been working hard also to develop his speech. A special mention also has to go to Jamie from Miss Green as he worked particularly hard in Tutoring last night.