Star of the Week

Star of the week -13th November 2017

Reception - Savannah

Savannah is star of the week for her attitude towards learning. She is putting 100% of   effort into everything she is doing, by doing this she has moved up a reading level.   Savannah is always trying really hard in her handwriting, using her phonics knowledge to segment words. This week she has been learning ‘igh’ and using it in her writing.

Well done Savannah!

 Mrs Isle, Miss Saxby and Mrs Evans 

Year 1 - Archie

This week I have chosen Archie for the attitude he has to his work. Whenever he is working in class Archie will now give each activity a good try and this means his writing and maths are showing some improvement.

Well done Arhie. Keep up this positive attitude.

Mrs Antoniades and Mrs Kinnaird

Year 2 - Lilly

Lilly is our star of the week this week for her hard working and mature attitude. Since being in Year 2 Lilly is maturing and is trying so hard to be an independent learner. She will now have a go without an adult supporting her and gets involved with class
discussions offering her opinions and ideas. She is growing in confidence every day and we are so proud of her. Well done Lilly.

Miss Pell and Mrs Sadler

Year 3/4 - Gracie-Leigh

 Gracie-Leigh is our Star of the week because of her dedication to her work and our class.  She is a great friend and massive support to Mary, helping her on a daily basis, sometimes bringing a tear to our eyes.  She is a very kind and caring person and for this she is our star of the week.

 Year 4/5 - Connor

Connor is star of the week because he giving 100% and working hard in all subjects. Since joining our school in September, we have seen such an improvement in Connor’s attitude to work. He will try to push himself to complete work to the best of his ability and will also contribute to teamwork. It is lovely to see how happy and settled Connor is at school. Keep up the hard work!

 Mrs Cowan and Mrs Docherty

Year 6 - Peter

Peter is star of the week because of his amazing orienteering skills. Peter was very reluctant to take part when we first started it as part of our PE, however, over the past three sessions he has worked brilliantly and has had a whole new attitude.

He communicates well, considers his team mate and has fantastic map reading skills and stamina. We are so impressed with the change that we have seen.

Well done Peter!

 Miss Green and Mrs Taylor