Ethos & Values

Willows Academy has a caring and supportive ethos who are outward looking and a child and family centred school. We take great pride in creating a warm and friendly environment and a positive culture for learning.  

Our motto is ‘Believe and Achieve -Growing Together.’ We believe that all children have the right to be successful and that every child has the potential to achieve amazing things.  

At Willows Academy, we realise that starting school is an important step in your child’s life. We aim to make your child’s time with us happy, enjoyable and successful! Children can start their journey with us the term after they are three in our EYFS unit, which provides a balance of adult let and child led activities. As children move through the school, they learn through a book led curriculum which creates opportunities for children to work collaboratively, ask questions and broaden their understanding.  

Willows Academy prides itself on offering an inclusive environment to all children, we recognise every individual’s strengths and build upon these to provide a high-quality education that all children can access. Working in partnership with parents, AAB members and outside agencies plays a key role in supporting all children. We firmly believe that no child should be left behind! 

The staff at Willows Academy are highly motivated, skilled and supportive. They are fully committed to providing an excellent education for all pupils.  

Willows Core Values


We encourage all of our children to be resilient; to never give up even when things can be difficult. We believe that all children should keep trying to ‘be the best that can be’ because the sky is the limit! We support them to overcome challenges, bounce back from setbacks and embrace the internal motivation to keep trying and never give up.


Willows Academy feel that children should be responsible for themselves and the world around them. They should be aware and respectful of the beliefs of others while maintaining an inquisitive nature to further their understanding. They should be aware of relevant news and events from a local,  national and global context and the effects of this. Pupils are responsible for their learning and they should engage in discussion and debate in a way which encourages others to share but in which mutual and respectful challenges can occur. Pupils should always be respectful of others; and be aware of how to support those that need it.


We believe that all pupils should be aware of the choice they will face in the future and be able to make informed decisions about future education and career pathways. Pupils are supported to explore a wide range of options and are exposed to careers which they may be unaware of; or unsure of what they involve. We want all pupils to make the most of every experiences and know that their future career can take many directions; and be aware of new opportunities in an ever-changing world.