Curriculum Overview

At Willows Academy, we follow a reading enhanced curriculum: where reading excites children to ask questions and learn new knowledge and skills. 

We work hard to make links in different curriculum areas and strive to ensure that our lessons are fun and engaging for the children. 

We provide a skills and knowledge based curriculum that is taught through engaging, creative topics. It is important that our classrooms represent the children’s experiences and learning. 

Our environments grow and develop throughout a topic; demonstrating the children’s learning journey. This helps our children develop core skills in reading, writing, the spoken word, maths and science.

With a variety of creative spaces in which to work and learn, children are focused and display excellent behaviours to learn. This pedagogy enables the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of our children to be interwoven into the very fabric of school life and their daily learning.

To ‘hook’ our children into their learning we deliver unlocking events. These events raise the engagement of our leaners. Where possible we aim to provide a real project, which relates to the world in which we live in today.  Our projects aim to enable children to present their learning in a meaningful manner, often to an audience or our wider school community. This curriculum facilitates a variety of ways to interact and experience a myriad of lessons presented in an engaging and simulating way –ensuring the very best outcomes for all of our children.

To ensure that outcomes in reading, writing and maths continue to improve across the academy, our broader curriculum builds on the core subjects, ensuring many cross-curricular opportunities for reading, writing, oracy, maths and science are created. Where possible, we use texts that link to our topic as a way of developing English skills further. This allows us to consolidate the core skills, embed them and practice them in a range of contexts.