AAB Contact Info

Willows Academy has a federated AAB known as the Willoughby, Willows and Strand Federation. The role of the AAB is to hold the school to account by being a critical friend and providing both support and challenge to the leadership of the school.

Please find below a complete list of our federated AAB.

Head of Academy: Sarah Cox

Chair: Nicola Williams

Vice Chair: Mrs Pat Kempshall

Trust: Miss Catherine Davenport

Parent: Mrs Hanna Cawte (Parent Governor)

Clerk: Carmel McHale

Observers (invited as required)

Mrs Louise Kelly (Finance)

How to contact

Nicola Williams, Chair

Willows Academy
DN37 9AT

Telephone: 01472 504450


If you are interested in becoming a member of the AAB please contact the Academy.