Our Approaches

At Willows Academy, we recognise that some children may need to access a different type of support to help them succeed in school. Here are some of the approaches which we have implemented at Willows.

Sensory Circuits

A sensory circuit is a form of sensory intervention. It involves a sequence of physical activities that are designed to alert, organise and calm the child. The sensory circuit aims to facilitate sensory processing to help children regulate and organise their senses in order to achieve the ‘just right’ or optimum level of alertness required for effective learning. The circuit should be an active, physical and fun activity that children enjoy doing.

Visual Resources

Visual resources and prompts can support a child to independently access parts of their learning which they may otherwise struggle with. We use “Widgit Online” to create specific resources for individual pupils, allowing them to have a more secure knowledge of what they are learning.

Calm Down Box

Each class has their own Calm Down Box. Inside, there are resources which children can use to help them self regulate and calm down as needed. We have worked with the Educational Psychologists to explore the Zones of Regulation and the children are becoming much more confident at naming their feelings and emotions